Hot Stone

Starting at

$65/60 min
$90/90 min
$65/60 min
$90/90 min
$65/60 min
$90/90 min
$65/60 min
$90/90 min
$90/60 min
$125/90 min
H.Body Treatments

Hydrating Sea Salt Scrub
Sea Salt Scrub with Algae Wrap
Anti-fatigue Leg Treatment
Algae Wrap
Anti-Cellulite Treatments (Pressotherapy)
Starting at

$80/60 min
$175/120 min
$45/35 min
$70/45 min
A.Wax Hair Removal

Upper Lip
Eyebrow shaping (includes wax, tweeze and trim)
Under Arms
Full Arms
Bikini Contour
Half Leg
Half Leg & Bikini
Full Leg & Bikini
Starting at

B.IPL Hair Removal

Upper Lip
Combo Bikini Contour & Underarms
Upper Lip & Chin
Side Burns & Cheeks
Naval, Hands & Feet
Forearms & Underarms
Lower Legs & Feet
Full Legs & Feet
Upper Legs & Bikini Contour

Starting at


B.Facial Treatments

Introduction Treatment
European Deep Skin Cleansing
Student Facial
Rosacea & MLD
Acne & MLD
Anti-Aging Eye Contour Treatment
Bust Treatment & Decolte
Back Treatment
Starting at

$45/30 min
$90/90 min
$70/90 min
$150/120 min
$100/90 min
$45/30 min
$90/60 min
$90/60 min
C.Micro Control Peeling

Micro Control Peeling
Micro Control Peeling & Facial
Starting at

$90/30 min
$125/90 min
D.IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Face Rejuvenation with full anti-aging facial
Neck Rejuvenation with full anti-aging facial
Neck & Decolte Rejuvenation with full anti-aging facial
Starting at

$299/120 min
$150/75 min
$350/120 min
E.Photo-energy system Treatment Adult

Lumi-Lift / Facial - Includes Anti Aging Facial
Lumi-Facial (LED)
Lumi-Facial (LED) & Facial - Includes Rosacea or Acne
Acne or Hyper Pigmentation Facial
Starting at

$125/45 min
$175/120 min
$115/30 min
$150/90 min
F.Photo-energy system Treatment Teen

Lumi-Facial (LED)
Lumi-Facial (LED) & Facial
Starting at

$90/30 min
$125/90 min

Your face and body
deserve the best care to remain young & smooth






Day Spa     


Due to continuous exposure to pollution, dust particles and harmful sun rays, our skin develops wrinkles, dark spots, black heads, acnes and pigmentation. At MODELO Spa our certified and skilled technicians can help you restore your skins natural beauty.
Micro Control Peeling (Microdermabrasion)
IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) Photo Rejuvenation
Photo Energy Stystem (Lumi LED Treatments)
Teeth Whitening
If you want the CONFIDENCE of whiter teeth and a beautiful smile, come to MODELO Spa for a professional teeth whitening solution!

For your complementary consultation, and/or reservations please call at 514-739-8686.

Massotherapy & Body Treatments

There are tremendous benefits to be achieved through massage and body treatments. Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, one of our certified therapists can help.

Waxing Services

Body hair waxing is a great removal method for both male and female clients. Waxing removes hair at the root and causes it to grow back much slower and less thick over time and in some areas hair may never grow back at all.

IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) Hair Removal

Are you bothered by unwanted hair of fed up with the hassle of shaving, waxing or epilating? Do you want a permanent hair reduction at a reasonable rate? Modelo Spa offers solutions with the IPL method.